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Why choose us as your drone photography providers?


David McKean our Chief Controller and Pilot has over 60 hours flying expereince with our DJI Inspire 1.  He is well versed in the capabilities of our UAV and can safely and confidently control our UAV in operations that fall within our scope of work.



A drone can be a dangerous piece of equipment.  As part of our operational planning process a full Risk and Safety analysis is conducted to ensure that the work we have been requested to perform can be done so in such a manner that the risk to people or property is properly considered and planning is put in place to minimise these and other risks to levels that are acceptable.


At SkyCam UAV we are constantly looking at new technologies and services that complement our core business of Aerial Video and Photography.  We have recently invested in the Matterport technology to allow us to scan in 3D and item which is not in direct sunlight.  We have also developed Virtual Tours that can embed a virtual salesperson/spokesperson so that people can look around any facility and have a virtual presenter.



Before each operation checks are made of the weather, airspace we are operating in and we are also monitoring relevant radio frequencies.  We ensure that all steps possible are taken to be completely aware of our surroundings and also the airspace in which we are operating.