Are the Floor Plans accurate?

Our floor plans are created from the measurements taken when creating your 3D Virtual Tour. These measurements are not 100% accurate. The dimensions and sizes given on the floor plan are to be used as a guide only and should not be used for accurate measurements, building estimations etc.. The tolerance level for measurements is approx. 1-2%. This means in a room with dimensions of 3.2m x 3.2m the measurement can be + or – 6-7cm.

Can you supply a Floor Plan?

We do offer a Floor Plan service. This is an add on to our 3D Virtual Tour Service. Creation of the Floor Plan takes 24-48 hours and can include furniture or simply be a plain schematic Floor Plan.

What is the lead time required to book a job?

Generally we are able to find a job slot within 2-3 days of a confirmed booking. The only time that this changes is if the weather is scheduled to be inclement (We cannot fly our drone in wet conditions or in extremely windy conditions). If the job is located in an area that requires CASA special approval to conduct aerial work then we do have a lead time of approximately 4 weeks to allow us to complete the necesary approval request from CASA.

What is the resolution of the Photos and Videos supplied

Resolution is at your request and can go up to 4K. This is on both Video and Photo work. If the asset is to be used on the web you will want a smaller file size and perhaps a specific resolution which we can cater for. We generally create our Videos in 1080p Full HD as most people are yet to obtain 4K monitors. However at your request we are able to upload and create 4K Video.

What is the difference between a Video Walkthrough and a 3d Virtual Tour

A video walkthrough is a great way to showcase a property/business location and allows the person filming the video to tell the story as they see it. Great for showing only specific areas of a building/dwelling. The drawback is that if the end user wishes to see other parts it is not possible with a video and will sometimes entail a lot of pausing-rewinding to see specific aspects. A 3D Virtual Tour allows the end user to see the part of the model they wish to see and to control what part of the model they are looking at. A video highlight reel can be created for a guided tour through the model but the end user always has the ability to control what they are viewing. It offers a completely immersive and customisable experience for the end user.

How long is my content live?

When we discuss the price for the creation of your 3D model or Aerial Video/Photography the quote will include the length of time the content will be made available on the web. 3D walkthroughs will be hosted for 6 months – indefinitely as part of the total price. We will provide the ability to download the Aerial still photos in the format you prefer (JPEG or RAW). We will have non-watermarked versions or watermarked with your logo. Aerial Videos are uploaded to YouTube as part of the service and as such are available indefinitely.

How do I market the 3D Virtual Tour you create?

Marketing the 3D virtual tour that is created by SkyCam UAV is simple. After the model is created we give you a url. For Real estate agents upload this url with the property details onto the portal you are using ( or for example) many of these sites allow direct integration of the 3D model within the Photo Gallery. For business we supply you with a simple iFrame code that you will use to embed the model on your website. The models can also be posted out on social media through the use of the model url.

Are there any restrictions on where you can fly your Drone / UAV?

There are restrictions that affect our ability to perform aerial work. However some of these restrictions can be overcome with an application to CASA. If you are located close to an airport, a major CBD or an active military base there may be some special requirements that need to be met to conduct any aerial operations. Contact us if you are unsure if these restrictions would apply to you.

Does SkyCam UAV have the necesary insurances in place?

We currently hold an insurance policy covering up to $10 million in Public Liability for the Virtual Tour and Photography side of the business. As we are yet to obtain our CASA Operators Certificate for flying the drone and cannot conduct any aerial work for commercial gain we have not yet activated the insurance for this aspect of our business. However in conjunction with obtaining the required Operators Certificate we will also hold a Public Liability Insurance policy covering our aerial work.

How long does it take to do a Virtual Tour?

Depending on the complexity of the project and how many panoramic images are required the shooting of the footage for a Virtual Tour can take from 1 – 2 Hours.