Drone Photography and Video is back in action!

After a small hiatus during bird breeding season SkyCam UAV is now back to full operations for Brisbane Aerial Photography and Video.  Contact us for a quote.

Brisbane Aerial Photography

There are many areas of Brisbane that are no-fly zones under the current rules and regulations from CASA.  If you would like to check whether Aerial operations are permitted where you would like to fly you can download CASA’s free app “Can I Fly There” to check the airspace at your address.  It is available on Android, iOS and as a webpage. Alternatively you can get a good guide as to available airspace from this map available from Airservices Australia.

Things to Consider

When thinking about having Aerial Photography you need to consider the following:

  • There are varying height limits across Brisbane that we can ascend to.  Most areas are 120m however some areas (alot of the inner city) are restricted to 45m due to Helicopter Landing Sites
  • It is not permitted to fly over populous areas (areas that have a high density of pedestrians in the area below the drone)
  • Are there any obstructions?  Things like trees, power poles, buildings can get in the way of a nice shot.  Plus we must keep our distance from these items
  • Can the drone be observed at all times? It is not possible to fly where the operator cannot directly see the drone.  Special Approval can be sought for these operations however it is a costly and time consuming exercise
  • If the subject of the photography or video is in a restricted airspace it is still possible to complete the operation however like flying out of visual sight this requires a special approval which is costly and can take some time to obtain

SkyCam UAV is a fully certified and insured UAV operator.  We carry all required licences and insurances to ensure peace of mind that you are hiring a professional operator. Our chief pilot has extensive flight hours on our drone and has exceptional mission planning and risk control procedures.  Do not risk using an under licensed and uninsured operator.